The new i40cases platform offers insights into Industry 4.0

German, Austrian, and Swiss practice-oriented research institutes and research-oriented companies joined forces to develop the I40cases platform ( The website features well-documented case studies, applications, and implementation methods relating to the smart factory, Industry 4.0, and digitalisation, placing employees at the heart of the workspace of tomorrow. It strives to offer a source of information to interested parties, while allowing for the transfer and further development of the comprehensive knowledge generated by research projects and practical implementations. I40cases represents a collaborative learning process with an open knowledge database that is freely accessible to anyone, regardless of discipline.


By presenting case studies, i40cases strives to provide insight into companies and departments that already successfully established Industry 4.0 applications. Here, focus is placed on the application context, challenges that had to be overcome, the improvement potential associated with an application, and the potential benefits that can be derived from them.

In the Applications section, i40cases offers very concrete solutions that allow companies to digitalise and improve their work processes. Besides information on the application area and functionalities, it above all provides easily comprehensible application scenarios. They describe how employees mastered challenges before and after the digitalisation process and how they perceive their new workspace of the future.

But how can new applications and contexts be implemented? The i40cases project also strives to demonstrate potential solutions here. There are tried-and-tested, innovative implementation methods for the durable implementation of new Industry 4.0 applications. These scenarios offer a fitting solution for various initial situations; their advantages, success factors, and obstacles are additionally presented on the platform.

The platform is primarily geared towards decision-makers in mid-sized companies or departments in larger corporations; however, scientists, students, and media representatives who are interested in Industry 4.0 can also access our content and use it for their own projects.