The Industry 4.0 Week

The “Work Smart” week is a multi-day event at the company’s premises with lectures, workshops, and podium discussions. The following objectives

In short

There are two types of roll-out, either “Top-down”, i.e. controlled by the management (pilot-tested roll-out), or “bottom-up”, i.e. managed by the employees themselves (viral roll-out). When employing the pilot-tested approach, management defines the technology as well as a pilot group. They form automatically with viral roll-outs.

Success factors

  • Integrating employees from various levels of the hierarchy in the preparations and implementation.
  • The greatest-possible number of participants.
  • Offering the opportunity to participate across locations using technical tools such as live videos or lecture recordings.


  • Not all employees can or want to participate.
  • Some employees have no interest in participating across locations and might question the relevance of the event.

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