Pilot testing and viral roll-out

There are two types of roll-out, either “top-down”, i.e. controlled by the management (pilot-tested roll-out), or “bottom-up”, i.e. managed by the employees themselves (viral roll-out). When employing the pilot-tested approach, management defines the technology as well as a pilot group. They form automatically with viral roll-outs.

Success factors

  • Pilot-tested roll-out: Selection of the “fitting” pilot environment with a holistic overall image of the company and intrinsically motivated employees. The group feedback is subsequently analysed.
  • Viral roll-out: The relevance of the problem that should be solved is key, as are the flexibility and freedom of employees. The initial group of users operates in a self- directed and intrinsically motivated manner.


  • All employees of the project group must be fully convinced of the initiative’s merits with a pilot-tested roll-out.
  • The technologies suggested during a viral roll-out should meet all data protection and compliance regulations.

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