thyssenKrupp Steel Europe: Interactive device management

thyssenKrupp Steel Europe ranks among the globally leading providers in first-class steel products for innovative & demanding applications.

  • Company headquarters: Duisburg, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany
  • Four furnaces produce more than 30,000 tonnes of raw iron every day
  • 12 million tonnes of high-grade steel annually
  • 500 employees – as much as a small city
  • Plant premises span 9 square kilometres – five times the size of Monaco

Application context

Air-conditioning and electric systems maintenance and repair

  • Number of employees: around 200
  • Responsible for several thousand air-conditioning units and fuse boxes with maintenance and malfunction clearance
  • Heating, air-conditioning, and sanitary technology for offices, production facilities, and cranes


  • Malfunctions are reported offline, in various ways
  • Directions to malfunction sites, as well as the necessary safety regulations, are often not known or hard to find
  • A lack of on-site information (unit history/facilities)
  • Procurement of replacement parts
  • Poorly structured task distribution and information systems, work is prone to error (accompanied by frustration)

Improvement potential

  • Greater degree of autonomy
  • More reliable decision-making processes
  • Less downtime caused by machine malfunctions
  • Quicker decision-making and shorter reaction times
  • Better individual and collaborative problem solving
  • Increased participation/integration

Potential benefits

  • Quicker maintenance
  • Improvement of mobile maintenance quality and traceability
  • Easier and quicker maintenance technician access to relevant information, in various contexts
  • Increased maintenance technician participation, allowing them to contribute to innovations in their specialty areas

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