Thermolympic S.L.: Production learning and operation assistant

Thermolympic S.L. is a specialist in thermoplastic injection moulding as well as the design and construction of the moulds used for these processes.

  • Headquarters: Zaragoza, Spain
  • Family-operated company, founded in 1971
  • 60 employees
  • 8,000 sqm floor space
  • Customers range from automotive OEMs to companies that provide consumer goods to supermarkets.

Application context

Paperless information management for production employees

  • The machine operators manufacture a diverse range of components for customers such as filters, internal linings, door linings, cages, and humidifiers.
  • Many components are in turn composed of different parts that are assembled using various automatically and manually operated tools.


  • Employees still don’t have digital access to a lot of relevant information at their workspaces. Paper documents come with the disadvantage that they quickly become outdated.
  • The feedback provided by machine operators to the management lacks detail, which makes it difficult to process.
  • The individual work methods of employees offer few opportunities for targeted further education or access to comprehensive knowledge on the workspace. This means that machine operators seldomly have the chance to develop themselves further and move up the company hierarchy.

Improvement potential

  • Quicker and easier access to real-time information
  • Gathering detailed feedback (bidirectional communication)
  • Alleviating mental strain through proactive communication from the side of the production machine
  • Stress reduction by automating selected quality controls
  • Improving quality controls with a visual tool to make work easier

Potential benefits

  • Improves machine operators’ capacities to solve problems and drive (minor) innovation.
  • Improvement in the communication and feedback structure between employees, team leaders, and management at various levels
  • Easier access to updated information
  • Improvements in product quality

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