Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG: Paperless shop floor management

The Schaeffler Group is a globally active sub-contractor to industrial (automotive) clients.

  • 84,000 employees globally
  • 30,000 employees in Germany
  • Departments/business units:
    • Automotive
      • e.g. engine systems
      • e.g. drives, chassis frames
    • Machine construction
      • e.g. wind energy plants
      • e.g. linear guidance systems

Application context

Digital Shift Book 2.0 for production

  • Paperless information management for a production line in Ingolstadt
  • Production of subcontracted components for the automotive industry, among which chain tensioners


  • Switching to a value-stream oriented production
  • Integration of a quality assurance (QA) process into the value stream
  • Needs-oriented production (smaller batch sizes, more frequent configuration changes)
  • Large number of documents necessary (QM system)
  • Various information sources (ring binder/SAP/other software systems)
  • Competing for talent (being attractive to new employees)

Improvement potential

  • Developing a structure for QA employees to be service providers and offering them trainings to this end
  • Improving the exchange of knowledge and developing trainings on the workspace for all employees, using a comprehensive database
  • Easy information access and management (e.g. shop floor management, quality documentation)
  • Harmonising information sources/data carriers
  • Optimising shift changes by establishing a digital (operation) log

Potential benefits

  • Preventing information loss/reducing downtime
  • Improving document quality
  • Becoming a more attractive employer and increasing employee satisfaction
  • Employees that dare speak their mind
  • Production improvements
  • Pilot for the implementation of the digital shift book within the Schaeffler company (74 plants globally)

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