HIDRIA Dieseltec: Interactive production line

HIDRIA Dieseltec is a diesel-technology subcontractor in the automotive industry.

  • Headquarters: Tolmin, Slovenia
  • 300 employees
  • Production of complex production lines (developed as commissioned by the HIDRIA Technology Centre)
  • Production of glow plugs and glow plugs with pressure sensor (mass production)

Application context

Interactive assistant for production line set-up and maintenance

Mass production of glow plugs on automated product lines that require complex maintenance measures:

  • Production of glow plugs
  • Complex, automated assembly lines
  • Event-based maintenance
  • Process monitoring


  • Complex and automated production lines that are prone to a slew of potential malfunctions
  • Troubleshooting strongly depends on the operator’s experience
  • Event-based interferences in case of parts that deviate from the specified values or halting of the machine for a different reason

Improvement potential

  • Improving knowledge management for problem solving and prevention
  • Utilising production data to analyse, predict, and subsequently prevent potential failures
  • Further education of operating personnel to allow them to independently perform maintenance tasks and prevent machine standstills

Potential benefits

  • Switching from an event-based maintenance schedule to planned maintenance
  • Quicker problem-solving through problem solution aids provided directly by the machine

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