EMO Orodjarna: Employee-focused knowledge management

EMO Orodjarna is a mid-sized tool manufacturer. It produces first-class tools for sheet metal forming for automotive and aviation companies.

Application context

Manufacturing tools and machine maintenance

  • Headquarters: Celje, Slovenia
  • Approx. 100 employees
  • Production of components for tools
  • Assembly of components on tools
  • Quality control
  • Machine maintenance


  • Offline incident reporting and documentation in various forms
  • Data that are relevant to production are primarily available in printed form
  • Information is missing at the production workspaces
  • Poor task and information structures create a frustrating work environment that is prone to malfunctions
  • Poor communication mechanisms between employees and engineers

Improvement potential

  • Easier and quicker employee access to context-specific information
  • Improvement of maintenance processes through the provision of relevant procedures and guidelines
  • Quicker decision-making and shorter reaction times
  • Better individual and collective problem-solving
  • Increased participation

Potential benefits

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Reduced machine-error downtime
  • Increased employee participation, allowing them to contribute to innovations
  • Improved performance

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