About us

About us

Welcome to the i40cases network!


The case studies, applications, and implementation methods documented here offer insights into Industry 4.0, while allowing interested companies to exchange and expand the extensive knowledge gained from research and implantation projects. This is conductive to a collaborative learning process that offers members from all disciplines the opportunity to participate – for an open repository of knowledge that is accessible to all.


The platform is primarily geared towards decision-makers in mid-sized companies or departments in larger corporations.


We are additionally delighted when scientists, students, and media representatives who are interested in Industry 4.0 access our content and use it for their own projects.


We are a network of German, Austrian, and Swiss practice-oriented research institutes and research-oriented companies.


Digital Work Design Group – the Information Management Research Group of Zurich University - Switzerland

The research group on Digital Work Design conducts research on the implementation of future-proof work practices for service and industrial companies, in close collaboration with their representatives.


Further information can be found under Digital Work Design.

Contributing network partners

evolaris next level GmbH - Graz, Austria

evolaris offers a competence centre for mobile communication and innovation that strives to build bridges between science and economy.


Further information can be found under https://www.evolaris.net/de/

NETSYNO Software GmbH - Karlsruhe, Germany

NETSYNO Software GmbH stimulates innovation and supports your company on the digitalisation of work processes.

Further information can be found under http://www.netsyno.com


VIRTUAL VEHICLE is an internationally active research and development centre that focuses on application-oriented vehicle development and the rail and road vehicles of the future.

Further information can be found under http://www.v2c2.at/

Associated partners and supporters

Research group Machine Engineering Information Sciences and Virtual Product Development at the Vienna Technical University - Austria

Our competences range from the design of methods, processes, and IT procedures to virtual product development and efficient information management throughout the product lifecycle.

Further information can be found under https://www.mivp.tuwien.ac.at/

Organisation and presentation of the i40cases network

The responsibility for the organisation, presentation, and quality assurance of the published content lies with the Information Management Research Group of Zurich University. The contents have been created and prepared by the respective partners.

The platform’s open structure reflects that the i40cases network is delighted to welcome further active partners.

The first version of the platform and a large share of the content were developed in the context of the large European research project on Industry 4.0 “FACTS4WORKERS”, a joint effort of 15 European research partners over the course of four years.